Classic Pedi $26
Deluxe Pedi $36
Jelly Pedi $36
Organic Pedi $46
Express Pedi $21

Pedicure Add-ons
Shellac Polish $15
Paraffin Wax $8
Hot Stones $5







Classic Manicure $15
Gel Manicure $27 (includes takeoff)
SNS $40 (includes extended tips)


Set $25     Fills $17

Acrylic with Gel Polish
Set $35     Fills $30

Color Tips
Set $30     Fill $20

$40 (includes extended tips)

Set $40

Solar Fills
Pink Only $20
Pink & White $30






Full Face

More Services

Polish Change - Regular Polish
Hands $10   Feet $12

Polish Change - Gel Polish
Hands $17   Feet $20

French Tip Polish
Gel $5   Polish $3

Paraffin Wax
Hands $5   Feet $8

Nail Designs $5 and up
Take Off $10
Remove Gel Polish $7
Repair $3 to $5
Cut Down $3

Eyelash Extensions

Volume Set $150
Volume Fills
Fullest style. handmade multiple lightweight lashes for a fluffy glam look.

Hybrid Set $120
Hybrid Fills $45+
Half volume & half classic. definition of classic with fullness of volume.

Classic Set $100
Classic Fills $45+
One extension to one natural lash. add curl & length for a natural look.

Our Products

We use the best industry leading products to ensure you get quality service and long-lasting results. We're always working with salon vendors to bring in the newest and most popular products.

Polish Colors

We have hundreds of colors from top industry brands such as OPI, Etsy,  Kiara and Orly. All of are colors also come in a Gel version. We also have over 200 SNS colors, Chrome colors, Ombre, Mood Change and Glitter Acrylics.